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Transportation for the Elderly

Hi. My name’s Betty. I’m sixty-two years old and live with my husband, Matt. My mother lives on our property, but at age ninety-one still insists on living alone. Mom has a good mind and for her age does well physically. She drove up until four years ago when we all decided it would be best for her to not be behind the wheel. It’s worked out well with her living on our property. Matt or I would take her places. We made sure she had groceries, made it to doctors appointments, and to her social engagements. About six months ago, however, Matt fell ill and our lives changed. I am his full-time caregiver, and Matt can no longer drive. I had to find help for my Mom which was difficult to do. I am going to share what I found and hope it helps you should you ever need transportation.

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When Might You Need Roadside Assistance?

There are two ways you can sign up for a roadside assistance plan. You can add one to your auto insurance policy or sign up for a separate program. Regardless of how you do it, it's essential to have it so that you don't end up stranded on the side of the road one day.

When you enroll in a roadside assistance program, someone will come to help you if you get stranded somewhere. Without it, you may have few options other than paying out-of-pocket for a tow if you break down. Being enrolled gives you peace of mind when using your vehicle because you know you will have options if any problems occur. 

Here are some of the services that most roadside assistance programs offer:

Filling Flat Tires

If you're ever driving or parked somewhere and your tire deflates to a level that makes it dangerous to drive your vehicle, you could contact your roadside assistance provider and someone will come to you to put air in it. You must maintain the correct tire pressure for your car to operate safely, so it's an essential service to have available.  

Putting On Spare Tires

If your tire is damaged and not just low on air, you can get assistance from someone who will replace your damaged tire with a spare. You will usually need to provide a spare tire, so always keep one in your car. Changing a tire on the side of a busy road is dangerous, so having help from a professional is vital. 

Giving You Gas

Running out of gas is embarrassing because it's easily avoidable. However, it can sometimes happen, particularly if you're driving in an area that doesn't have gas stations for long stretches. If you find yourself stranded on the side of the road with an empty gas tank, the roadside assistance company will send someone to you with enough gas to get you to the closest gas station. 

Jump Starting Dead Batteries

If you ever have a dead battery and can't start your vehicle, you can contact your roadside assistance provider and they'll send someone to give you a jump. It's a great option when you can't get help from a friend or family member because you're too far away.


Many roadside assistance programs will tow your vehicle to a nearby mechanic shop if you break down. Some will even let you choose which shop to get it pulled to, as long as it's within a certain distance.

Call a roadside assistance provider to get the help you need.