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Transportation for the Elderly

Hi. My name’s Betty. I’m sixty-two years old and live with my husband, Matt. My mother lives on our property, but at age ninety-one still insists on living alone. Mom has a good mind and for her age does well physically. She drove up until four years ago when we all decided it would be best for her to not be behind the wheel. It’s worked out well with her living on our property. Matt or I would take her places. We made sure she had groceries, made it to doctors appointments, and to her social engagements. About six months ago, however, Matt fell ill and our lives changed. I am his full-time caregiver, and Matt can no longer drive. I had to find help for my Mom which was difficult to do. I am going to share what I found and hope it helps you should you ever need transportation.

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3 Ways To Advance Your Trucking Career

Semi trucks are responsible for moving over 70% of the nation's freight tonnage. It takes a lot of drivers to keep these shipping lanes moving, and the demand for capable drivers is high. This means that pursuing a career in the trucking industry could be a great way to guarantee your future income.

In order to really become profitable as a driver, you must advance your trucking career and gain a reputation as a top tier driver. There are some simple techniques that you can use to help achieve this status quickly and start earning more for each load you deliver.

1. Manage Your Time Efficiently

Time management is a critical skill for any successful truck driver. You will be required to keep appointments for both the pickup and the delivery of the loads that you transport in your semi.

It is vital that you manage your time on the road so that you can arrive a little early for each of these appointments. The retailers and distributors providing you with your loads are depending on the products you transport to maintain their inventory.

If you can establish a track record of being on time for every appointment, you can advance your career as a trucking professional.

2. Communicate With Dispatch Effectively

All truckers work with a dispatcher. The primary role of the dispatcher is to monitor the progress of every load and establish a feasible schedule for each driver. If you want to earn more money, you must establish a good relationship with your dispatch unit.

Stay in constant communication with your dispatcher. Let them know where you are at the beginning and end of each shift. Provide advance notice of your anticipated unloading time so that you can immediately schedule your next pickup.

When you communicate with your dispatch center effectively, you will be able to secure more loads over time.

3. Maximize Safety

Safety should be a top priority whenever you are transporting goods in your semi. A safe driver can not only deliver products in good condition, they can reduce the financial liability of an employer.

Establish safety routines that you follow each and every day. Repetition will help you ensure that you don't overlook any important steps that may compromise the safety of your rig.

Always exercise caution when you are behind the wheel. Drivers who get too comfortable can become lax, and that is when accidents happen. If you can prove that you are a safe driver, it will be much easier to advance your trucking career.

For more information on trucking career options, contact a transportation service today.