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Transportation for the Elderly

Hi. My name’s Betty. I’m sixty-two years old and live with my husband, Matt. My mother lives on our property, but at age ninety-one still insists on living alone. Mom has a good mind and for her age does well physically. She drove up until four years ago when we all decided it would be best for her to not be behind the wheel. It’s worked out well with her living on our property. Matt or I would take her places. We made sure she had groceries, made it to doctors appointments, and to her social engagements. About six months ago, however, Matt fell ill and our lives changed. I am his full-time caregiver, and Matt can no longer drive. I had to find help for my Mom which was difficult to do. I am going to share what I found and hope it helps you should you ever need transportation.

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4 Places To Go In Your Private Chartered Jet

Have you been thinking about chartering a jet to some faraway destination? A private chartered jet may be your best bet for arriving at your next destination safely and on time. Could this be the key to arriving in style? Here are a few destinations you should consider for your next trips.

1. Anguilla

Few people realize that private jet is one of the only ways to access Anguilla. Anguilla is a beautiful destination in the north Caribbean offering white sandy beaches and clear blue seas. Not only is this a casual destination spot, but it also has not experienced the tourism that other nearby islands have. While summer in Anguilla has a lot to offer in the way of perfect weather, you will also find that the fall is low-key and quiet -- perfect for a private jet trip.

2. Burning Man

Thinking about taking a trip to Black Rock Desert for this infamous music festival? Burning Man takes center stage when it comes to music festivals on the west coast, and your private jet could be the key to enjoying the fun. Burning Man revelers come from all walks of life, and the philosophy of the festival is one to embrace. Plus, using a charter jet to get there allows you to bring the required materials for the camp -- water, clothes, cooking equipment, and more. Trying to get all that on a commercial flight? It's not going to happen.

3. Lanai

This Hawaiian paradise is waiting for you. Lanai is not the most touristy island, so there is a lot to explore and still be in tune with nature. Explore Shipwreck Beach, which offers a World War II tanker, and take in the beautiful views of Maui. Take a look at the green turtles and humpback whales that may be visible from the shore. With your private chartered jet, you can easily get to the island that is not usually as easy to travel to.

4. Coachella Music Festival

Ride in style to Coachella with the rest of your crew to one of California's biggest musical festivals this year. Don't want to miss the cultural event of the year? Fly out to Indio and skip the trek through the desert this year. Once you arrive, you will enjoy the musical stylings of some of the world's biggest music stars on stage. Best of all, you can skip the traffic and fly in like the celebrities do.

Do you have questions about chartering a private jet? Get in touch with a charter jet company, like vincent jets, to learn more about the destinations you can fly to on your next vacation.