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Transportation for the Elderly

Hi. My name’s Betty. I’m sixty-two years old and live with my husband, Matt. My mother lives on our property, but at age ninety-one still insists on living alone. Mom has a good mind and for her age does well physically. She drove up until four years ago when we all decided it would be best for her to not be behind the wheel. It’s worked out well with her living on our property. Matt or I would take her places. We made sure she had groceries, made it to doctors appointments, and to her social engagements. About six months ago, however, Matt fell ill and our lives changed. I am his full-time caregiver, and Matt can no longer drive. I had to find help for my Mom which was difficult to do. I am going to share what I found and hope it helps you should you ever need transportation.

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A Guide To Buying An Aircraft

Did you just get your pilot's license and want a plane of your own to get around in? When you are in the market for an airplane, you need to understand some of the important factors that will allow you to buy the best plane possible. To this end, keep reading and apply the tips in this piece, as you also talk to a few different aircraft sales professionals that can help you out. 

Always inspect the plane before purchasing or leasing

Before you sign on the dotted line or exchange any money, you need to get the airplane thoroughly inspected. Doing this ensures that you are purchasing an airplane that is well-maintained and in quality condition. It is beneficial to figure out these details as far in advance as possible, as this inspection protects your investment and makes sure your plane serves you well. For example, having a company that specializes in pre lease inspections for aircrafts take a look will catch any glaring issues and may allow you to get a better purchase or lease price. When buying a pre lease inspection, the airplane repair contractors may also sign you up for and schedule your annual inspections.

Shop with a credible sales company

When you are in the market for an aircraft, you need to research the credibility of the company making the sale. These professionals will show you their vast inventory of aircrafts and ensure that you get the chance to buy the one that will serve well. Make sure to look into the important specifications, to include things such as the number of engine hours logged, the type of equipment installed and other important issues. Knowing these factors will allow you to make the aircraft purchase that is best for you. 

Get the financing that you need

To make sure that you are buying the airplane that is best for you, you must also consider your price range. You might be able to purchase a small aircraft for $25,000 or so, so make sure to shop and find the best price for you. Ask about finance options from lenders in your area. This way, you can browse through the many different terms of financing offered and will match up with the best aircraft for your price range.

Utilize these three guidelines so that you can buy the aircraft that will suit you best, while taking every precaution.

For more information, you will want to check out a company such as ETD SOLUTIONS.