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Hi. My name’s Betty. I’m sixty-two years old and live with my husband, Matt. My mother lives on our property, but at age ninety-one still insists on living alone. Mom has a good mind and for her age does well physically. She drove up until four years ago when we all decided it would be best for her to not be behind the wheel. It’s worked out well with her living on our property. Matt or I would take her places. We made sure she had groceries, made it to doctors appointments, and to her social engagements. About six months ago, however, Matt fell ill and our lives changed. I am his full-time caregiver, and Matt can no longer drive. I had to find help for my Mom which was difficult to do. I am going to share what I found and hope it helps you should you ever need transportation.

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A Night Out Club Hopping: 3 Tips For Renting A Limousine

If you're looking to enjoy a fun night out where you can sit back and relax with your friends, club hopping is definitely an event that everyone might look forward to – especially if your group of friends love music, dancing and DJs. By club hopping, you and your friends can enjoy different venues, crowds and types of music all night long. To make sure that everyone gets from one place to another safely, consider renting a limousine so that your group will arrive in style. With that said, here are 3 tips that might make your night run a lot more smoothly.

Provide Addresses to the Limousine Driver Ahead of Time

At the end of the night, it's easy for everyone to be a little intoxicated and a bit incoherent. Don't waste the limousine driver's time by trying to figure out addresses and other tidbits of information that could easily be provided when sober. To make things a lot easier for everyone, give the limousine driver everyone's address ahead of time. This way, your limousine driver can work out a feasible route that doesn't require a lot of backtracking for dropping everyone home safely.

This is especially important if you are going to be clubbing with a large group of friends. You want to make sure that the limousine driver isn't going back and forth to different parts of town, as this will only increase the overall fare.

See If You Can Space Out Rental Times

Getting the limousine ready and prepared takes a lot of time. As a result, almost all limousine rental companies will have a minimum rental duration of approximately 2 to 3 hours in order to cover all of their costs. This means that you will be expected to pay a minimum of 2 hours of rental time even if it only takes the limousine driver less than an hour to drive you and your friends to the club. This is where planning will help you save a lot of money.

Determine whether you can space out the rental times. Some limousine companies are willing to rent a limo out to several parties at once if the rental times don't elapse with one another. For example, if it only takes an hour to pick everyone up and go to the club, another 30 minutes later on to drive from one club to another and an hour to drive everyone back home, the limousine rental company may be willing to charge you only for the time that your group is using the limousine rather than for the whole night, which might be 5 or 6 hours long.

This is provided that the limousine driver can pick other parties up during the time that you and your friends are at the club partying, as the driver won't be sitting around in the car all night and losing any money.

Pick a Comfortable Limo with Additional Features

Although the limousine is technically only there to transport you from one place to another, your friends will thank you if the ride is enjoyable. While there's nothing wrong with the base models, you and your friends will have much more fun if you choose a limousine that comes with additional features. For example, look for a limousine that has a surround sound system in the back so that the music never stops. Also, look for limousines that come with plush seats for a smoother and comfier ride.

Don't pick the first limousine you see. It's a good idea to request to see some photographs first. In fact, if you have time, go check out the limousine in-person, so you can get a better idea as to how the night may unfold.


Renting a limousine for a night out club hopping is a great idea. Not only will you and your friends arrive in style, but you can also make sure that no one decides to drive while intoxicated. You'll be surprised at how many limousine rental services may be available in your area, such as Millanio Limo, and the many different models and makes that you can choose from.