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A Night Out Club Hopping: 3 Tips For Renting A Limousine

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If you’re looking to enjoy a fun night out where you can sit back and relax with your friends, club hopping is definitely an event that everyone might look forward to – especially if your group of friends love music, dancing and DJs. By club hopping, you and your friends can enjoy different venues, crowds and types of music all night long. To make sure that everyone gets from one place to another safely, consider renting a limousine so that your group will arrive in style. With that said, here are 3 tips that might make your night run a lot more smoothly. Provide Addresses to the Limousine Driver Ahead of Time At the end of the night, it’s easy for everyone to be a little intoxicated and a bit incoherent. Don’t waste the limousine driver’s time by trying to figure out addresses and other tidbits of information that could easily be provided when sober. To make things a lot easier for everyone, give the limousine driver everyone’s address ahead of time. This way, your limousine driver can work out a feasible route that doesn’t require a lot of backtracking for dropping everyone home safely. This is especially important if you are going to be clubbing with a large group of friends. You want to make sure that the limousine driver isn’t going back and forth to different parts of town, as this will only increase the overall fare. See If You Can Space Out Rental Times Getting the limousine ready and prepared takes a lot of time. As a result, almost all limousine rental companies will have a minimum rental duration of approximately 2 to 3 hours in order to cover all of their costs. This means that you will be expected to pay a minimum of 2 hours of rental time even if it only takes the limousine driver less than an hour to drive you and your friends to the club. This is where planning will help you save a lot of money. Determine whether you can space out the rental times. Some limousine companies are willing to rent a limo out to several parties at once if the rental times don’t elapse with one another. For example, if it only takes an hour to pick everyone up and go to the club, another 30 minutes later on to drive from one club to another and an hour to drive everyone back home, the limousine rental company may be willing to charge you only for the time that your group is using the limousine rather than for the whole night, which might be 5 or 6 hours long. This is provided that the limousine driver can pick other parties up during the time that you and your friends are at the club partying, as the driver won’t be sitting around in the car all night and losing any money. Pick a Comfortable Limo with Additional Features Although the limousine is technically only there to transport you from one place to another, your friends will thank you if the ride is enjoyable. While there’s nothing wrong with the base models, you and your friends will have much more fun if you choose a limousine that comes with additional features. For example, look for a limousine that has...

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The Benefits A Taxi Service Has Over Ride-Sharing Apps

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Ride-sharing apps, such as Uber and Lyft, have a gained a lot of attention over the past couple of years. This is because these apps are extremely easy to use. You download the app and request a driver wherever you happen to be. If available, a driver is dispatched to your location and you are able to get a ride home or to your next destination. However, while there are some upsides to ride-sharing apps, there are still many benefits to using a traditional taxi cab service. Learning about these benefits will help you determine whether a taxi service is ideal for you when you need a ride somewhere. You Can Pre-Book One of the biggest benefits that a taxi service has over some of the biggest ride-sharing apps is that you can pre-book your taxi ride. If you need to be somewhere at a set time, such as a doctor’s appointment or at the airport, you don’t want to have to sit around and wait for a driver to become available. Unfortunately, when you use a ride-sharing app, it is first come, first serve. And because the drivers are freelance workers, they may set their own schedule. As such, a company may have very few drivers available on any given day, without any notice. This can leave you in a bind. This won’t happen with taxi services, as they allow you to request a ride ahead of time. You Can Get a Taxi Quickly at the Airport Another advantage taxi services have over ride-sharing apps is that taxi companies are licensed to pick passengers up at airports across the country and wait in terminals for passengers to arrive. On the flip side, many counties and states have made it hard for ride-sharing apps to pick up passengers at the airport. Some airports will not allow ride-sharing apps to wait at the airport for passengers to arrive, meaning that if you request a ride from one of these apps, you will have to wait for the company to drive out to you. If a taxi is already waiting at a taxi area, this may not make sense. Other airports have banned ride-sharing apps from picking up passengers at the airports altogether. As such, if you are traveling, you know that you will be able to get an a taxi quickly and easily, which may not always be the case with ride-sharing apps. Taxi Companies are Regulated The last benefit to utilizing the services of a taxi cab company is that you are using the services of a regulated business. If you feel the driver took a longer route simply to drive your bill up, the company that licenses the taxi companies in your area will listen to your complaints and concerns and help you come to a fair resolution. If you feel the car you were riding in was unsafe, you have an agency that you can take your complaints to. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said with ride-sharing apps. If you are unhappy with the driver, you can notify the company itself, but they are under no obligation to work with you. They do not follow the same rules and regulations that taxi companies and their drivers do, though many states are working quickly to change the laws...

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Renting A Party Bus For Your Teenager’s Prom? Get Answers To The Questions You May Have

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If your teenager is going to prom with a group of friends, you may be considering renting them a party bus. This ensures that they have a safe ride to and from prom, while also being able to enjoy the ride with their friends. However, many parents have never rented a party bus before. This may leave you with many questions about the procedure and liability. Here are some questions you may have if you are considering renting a party bus for your teen’s prom. Does a Parent Have to Ride With Kids Under the Age of 18? If all of the children in the group are under 18 years of age, you may be wondering if a party bus will transport the minors, or whether you or another parent will be required to ride along. In most instances, a party bus or limo company will allow teenagers going to and from a function to ride without their parents. However, California does have a law which requires at least one adult be present, and a few other states are currently trying to pass similar legislation. Also, each and every company is allowed to set their own ground rules. Some companies may not allow minors to ride alone, while others may ask for waivers. When teenagers are being transported without their parents, there are often strict rules in place by the company. Always ask a party bus or limo company what their terms, rules and restrictions are when the people that will occupy the vehicle will all be under the age of 18. Who is Liable if the Teens Cause Any Damage? Unfortunately, accidents can occur on a party bus, especially with excited teenagers. A drink may get spilled or a seat may become ripped. As such, it is always important to understand your liability if you are renting a party bus to transport teens to and from their prom. Ultimately, responsibility for the accident falls on the adult who signed the contract to rent the party bus. However, if the teens all witness the accident, you may be able to sue the parents of the other teen and recoup the money. In some instances, it can be a good idea to draw up a contract and asking all of the parents to acknowledge that their teen is riding in the bus and they can be held liable if their teen causes damage. Can a Request Be Made to Keep Alcohol Out of the Bus? If you are renting a party bus to transport anyone under the age of 21, you should make the party bus operator aware. They will then legally be required to pull all alcohol from the party bus and ensure only non-alcoholic beverages are made available to those riding in the vehicle. Additionally, many states have laws that state a party bus operator cannot knowingly transport individuals under the age of 21 who have been drinking or who begin to drink in the bus. If the driver suspects the teenagers have been drinking, he can decline to drive them. If alcohol is consumed in the party bus, the bus driver can take the teenagers home and the contract will be terminated, with no money being returned. What Happens if the Night Runs Late? While the prom...

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